Saturday, November 5, 2011

Closet Crafter

I have a confession to make... I am a closet crafter. I love doing crafts! I am not that great at them but it is something I enjoy doing. So, I am going to be brave right now and show a couple things that I made. The first one is a string of blocks I cut out and decorated to say Trick or Treat. I have no room in my house so I had to hang it on the window and when I took a picture it looked awful so I laid it on my bed to take the picture. That is why it is not looking cute on a wall somewhere.
I also made a sharing board because Sloan and my niece Evie (that I babysit) are, well let's say they need to work on sharing. Every time I notice them sharing without having to be prompted, they get to put a button on the board. Once they get 10 buttons, they get to choose a prize. Hope it helps.

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween we decided to all dress up in an "Alice in Wonderland" theme. Evie (my niece) was Alice, Amylynn (my sister-in-law) was the white rabbit, Ethan (my brother) was Bill the maintenance lizard, I was the queen of hearts and Sloan was the king of hearts. She looked just like him!! It was so funny. Sloan was so good when we went trick-or-treating. She insisted on walking herself the whole time. We went up and down two streets and she had it down to an art. She would walk up to the door and knock, when the door opened she would say trick or treat choose a candy say thank you, bye. She could have kept going probably all night but her pumpkin couldn't hold any more treats.

Happy Birthday Sloan!

It is true, I now have a two year old. Time really flies! We went to the Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving point for her birthday party. She absolutely LOVES riding the ponies and of course cried when her turn was over. And they had the most adorable baby goats!!!!! They were babies of the mini size goats and they were tiny!! That was my favorite part. They had fun games and even face painting. It was a fun party. Happy Birthday Sloan!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A week early birthday celebration

On Sunday I was in charge of dessert. I figured not everyone could come to Sloan's party so we decided to celebrate her and all the October birthdays. I made a cake and some cupcakes. I really enjoy baking, which is kinda funny cause I am really picky about my desserts. oh well, here are some pics. Enjoy!

Visiting our Colorado family

We had the chance last week to go to Colorado to visit Mark's brother Dan, his wife Sarah and their cute kids Kaelah, Danny and Michelle. It was a quick trip but we did so many fun things. The first day we went to the zoo. Can you tell how excited I was to see the polar bear?

We spent some time at the park and went to Dan's softball game. Mark even got to play with their team.

We even went to the pumpkin patch! The kids got to paint pumpkins and Sloan was literally scooping the paint onto the pumpkin. It took all day to dry. They LOVED the little bounce house too.

Dan, king of the pumpkin patch
and his little princess Michelle.

I was really glad we got to sneak away one night and go on a double date! A big THANK YOU to Sarah's parents for watching the kids while we were gone! Especially because Sloan cried at least half the time...We got to go to the Real vs. Rapids soccer game and it was a blast!! Dan got us front row tickets and it was so much fun! At half time Mark and I decided to go grab some hot chocolate. We ordered and paid and then Mark disappeared... So I grabbed all four hot chocolates and went to stand by the bathrooms assuming that is where he had gone. As I waited some guy came up to me and while laughing said,"Hey, can I buy some coffee from you?" I just smiled and laughed. Then he said, "No seriously, I will give you eighty bucks!" I just laughed and smiled hoping Mark would hurry out of the bathroom, because really what idiot would spend $80 on a coffee when he could go buy one for $3.00 twenty steps from where I was standing. After Mark finally came out of a family bathroom in a totally different spot :) I told him about the guy offering me $80 for a coffee. Mark said I should have given it to him and seen his face when he got hot chocolate instead. That is my only regret of the trip. I could have $80 more dollars in my pocket, and some guy mad at me for selling him hot chocolate instead of coffee.

It was such a good visit and we hope it won't be too long before we can go out and see them again!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to catch up...

Wow, I can't believe summer is gone and my little girl is about to turn two. Mark is back in school, enjoying it as much as one can with two math classes mixed in his schedule. I started at a new salon the first of September. It feels so crazy to not have my own salon anymore. It has been good for the most part. I am just such a big dork and I embarrass myself on a daily basis, but what else is new.
Sloan is getting so so big. Last month Mark and I went to St. George to celebrate our anniversary and left Sloan with my parents for the weekend. They went to church on Sunday and while the sacrament was being passed out, my cute mom was explaining how it represents Jesus. After the bread passed by, Sloan looked at my mom and asked, "More Jesus please?" Gotta love that girl.
I am so lucky to be her mom.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cutthroat Challenge

So I just put together our third CHALLENGE. Originally I did these challenges for my birthday but Mark requested that I plan one for his birthday. Mark and I have a weird obsession with the MTV series "The Challenge". So we decided to make our own. We put teams together and play some crazy games. I was so scared it was not going to happen this time because the morning of the party we woke up with two inches of snow on the grass. All morning I stared out the window while filling water balloons in my kitchen just hoping that it would at least melt and dry up. It did, thankfully! It was freezing!!!!! But I think everyone had a good time. Blue team came out with the win after a really rough start. And I did kick Mark's butt a couple of times (ya I am that good.) I am so sorry I didn't get any pictures, it took a lot to run the show. I know other people took pictures so I will see if I can steal and post some. Good job everyone who came!! Can't wait for the next one!!!